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Let's talk about the gender of the babies today!

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Of course, is a usual matter in my daily job. All the couples have a preconceibed idea about this baby...some of them imagine a beautiful girl like the mum or a strong boy like the father.

niño o niña, girl or boy
Girl or boy

On the wrong way, we think that if we pay the process, I mean surrogacy one, we can decide the sex of the baby. Maybe this couples think.... this selection will be my compensation for all the infertility that I suffered.

But, please let me write the truth. Let me shed some light on.

The sex of the embryo not depends of the link of the ADN material, the oocyte doesn't not even have this responsibility. Only the sperm own this capability. When the couple doesn't obtain the desired result…. Is not the doctor fault, is not the egg donor, or is not you, is a fortuity result and cannot be manipulated. I'm sure that you are an observer person: some families have boys and girls, but other ones only have only boys or only girls.

How many times do you heard?...

this family wants a football team!


¿do you see how many girls has this father?

Well, the sex selection is natural, the sperm has this capability, it will decide the sex of your embryo undoubtedly.

Sometimes the sperm can create both sexes but only one has the power to nest or grow, to become a baby.

Try to enjoy your fortune and feel happy to be parent, the baby is a big present not her or his sex, believe me.

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